Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a high speed Symmetric connection to the internet. This service is the perfect solution for applications requiring high upstream bandwidth such as Virtual Private Networks or video conferencing.

This service is available in most large towns and Cities across the UK.

Service Name Silver Gold Platinum
Upstream Speed 512kb/s 1Mb/s 2Mb/s
Downstream Speed 512kb/s 1Mb/s 2Mb/s
Web space included 50Mb Commercial 100Mb Commercial 200Mb Commercial
E-mail Included 10 Pop3 or SMTP 20 Pop 3 or SMTP 30 Pop3 or SMTP
IP Addressing Static Static Static
Connection charge () 315 315 315
Monthly Rental () 180 220 270

All prices exclude VAT.

All SDSL packages are 12 month contracts and are subject to Scotnet's standard Terms & Conditions.

All SDSL installations will require a suitable SDSL router. For pricing information, please visit our products section.