Exchange Activate

Exchange Activate ADSL broadband is a type of broadband delivered to businesses and home users connected to telephone exchanges located in remote areas.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a permanent, high-speed digital connection to the Internet utilising a standard analogue phone line.

Features of ADSL include:

  • Fast download speeds (Up to 10 times faster than a standard dial-up!)
  • Always on connection
  • Fast e-mail and web access
  • Fixed cost Internet access
  • Simultaneous Internet and phone access

This is an asymmetric service, which means that the data transfer speed is not the same in both directions. Transfer speeds are available of up to 256kb/s upstream (upload) and 512kb/s down stream (download).

Two ADSL Broadband services are available using Exchange Activate technology:

Service Additional Features Upstream Bandwidth Downstream Bandwidth Line Activation Charge Monthly Rental
Scotnet EA Home
  • 5 POP3 Email accounts
256kb/s 512kb/s 50 19.99
Scotnet EA Business
  • UK Domain Name
  • 30Mb Commercial Web space
  • Static IP Address option
  • 26 POP3 Email accounts
  • SMTP Email option
256kb/s 512kb/s 50 26.99

All ADSL packages are 12 month contracts and are subject to Scotnet's standard Terms & Conditions.

All prices exclude VAT.

All ADSL installations will require a suitable modem or router. Scotnet can supply a modem/router suitable for both single USB and network connections. For pricing information, please visit our products section.

Both services have a monthly download limit of 15GB