Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a permanent, high-speed digital connection utilising a standard analogue phone line.

Features of ADSL include:

  • Fast download speeds - up to 40 times faster than a standard dial-up
  • Always on connection
  • Fast e-mail and web access
  • Fixed cost internet access
  • Simultaneous Internet and phone access
  • Static IP addressing
Service Name Copper Bronze Max Home Silver Gold Platinum Max Office
Suitability Single Home Users SOHO 1 - 2 Users 1 - 2 Users 2 - 5 Users 6 -10 Users 10+ Users 10+ Users
Upstream Speed 256kb/s 256kb/s 448kb/s* 256kb/s 256kb/s 256kb/s 832kb/s*
Downstream Speed 512kb/s 512kb/s 8Mb/s* 512kb/s 1Mb/s 2Mb/s 8Mb/s*
Contention 50 to 1 50 to 1 n/a 20 to 1 20 to 1 20 to 1 n/a
Web space included 20Mb 20Mb 20Mb 50Mb 100Mb 200Mb 200Mb
E-mail Included Pop3 Pop3 Pop3 Pop3 or SMTP Pop3 or SMTP Pop3 or SMTP Pop3 or SMTP
IP Addressing Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Static Static Static Static

* ADSL Max service speeds are dependant on line quality and distance from the exchange.

All ADSL packages are 12 month contracts and are subject to Scotnet's standard Terms & Conditions.

All prices exclude VAT.

All ADSL installations will require a suitable modem or router. Scotnet can supply a modem/router suitable for both single USB and network connections. For pricing information, please visit our products section.