How can you increase the productivity of your IT department cost effectively?

Employing a consultant from an agency is a gamble - you may strike gold, you may not. Scotnet provide consultancy services, but not just by providing an individual to work on site. With a large pool of knowledge to draw upon our consultants are more productive. They don't get bogged down in problems - they use their support network to solve them quickly. Your project goals are met and exceeded. In many cases we also assist in the project management of consultancy projects. We can gain a better understanding of the system under development and further enhance productivity. Some examples of consultancy projects on which Scotnet has recently worked:

  1. Peformance tuning on a large Oracle database to remove the requirement to purchase a faster server.
  2. Troubleshoot a NHS Trust Wide Area Network to determine why it was generating broadcast storms.
  3. Assist in the development of web-based system to control a fleet of tankers. Not only did this allow better scheduling of the tankers, but it also eliminated a huge amount of paper generation and fax costs.
  4. Database migration. By extracting information from a legacy database system and uploading it into Oracle it has been possible to provide far better management information reporting using Oracle Discoverer and Business Objects.

The key indicator for providing good consultancy services is whether you are invited back. Scotnet has been providing consultancy services to some of our customers for over 9 years. Our customers are happy because quality is not an option for us - it's a requirement.

To discuss your consultation requirements with Scotnet, please call 0333 370 1111