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The Trust pursues its encouragement of high standards in architectural conservation and excellence in contemporary urban design and planning by offering experienced technical advice to all who wish to seek it. We are in constant demand for comment and guidance from all manner of government departments, local authorities, institutions, voluntary organisations and private citizens. Wherever practicable, we urge the conservation and alternative use of older buildings, and in the past 30 years our input has contributed to a secure future for over 1500 listed buildings, now greatly aided by the resources of our Buildings At Risk service. In addition our advice and practical help has had a significant impact on the final quality of new build developments and many successful regeneration projects.

Scotland's Local Authority Planning Services frequently consult the Trust about major planning applications, development plans and proposals needing Listed Building or Conservation Area Consent. We provide advice on over 600 individual cases a year, which can range from the demolition of a significant structure, proposed residential development in the grounds of a mansion-house, the refurbishment of derelict property to minor repairs affecting the facade of existing buildings. Planning matters, such as proposed new housing sites identified in Development Plans and strategic retail or transport proposals, also concern us and through consultation we are able to have a significant advisory input into the decision making process. As a priority we aim to thoroughly investigate every application for the demolition of an existing listed building knowing that, without informed comment and where necessary objection, as many as one hundred important historic structures could be lost in Scotland each year.

Larchfield Academy

Hammerlands, Moffat

Avonbridge Hotel, Hamilton

Greenside Place, Edinburgh

We shall continue to collaborate with whoever seeks our constructive help in these and other environmental matters. Our role is not to own great houses or gardens for the nation but to act as effective catalysts and sometimes collaborators, in conjunction with Historic Scotland and local authorities, to achieve worthwhile heritage ends and to ensure that the present generation's contribution to the built environment is of real value and worth.

Recognising that good environmental design plays a crucial role in the development of successful communities, the Trust encourages and is invited to help assess a number of local Design Award Schemes either promoted by local authorities or, as in Perth and Aberdeen, by civic societies affiliated with us. These mirror the UK-wide Civic Trust Awards organised and promoted by our London-based sister organisation. These Awards focus not only on design excellence but also on the way in which schemes relate to their settings and to the people that live and work with them. They continue to stimulate higher standards across the UK and to highlight the importance of design in the creation of places with a sense of identity and pride. Similar Europe-wide awards are made by Europa Nostra.

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