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Improving the quality of Scotland’s built environment and heritage

We need your help now

To mark its thirtieth anniversary, The Scottish Civic Trust is seeking substantial funding to secure its future and enable it to expand and enhance its work for the built environment and heritage in accordance with its aims and objectives. It is appropriate that in our thirtieth year we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to secure a permanent home – appropriately enough, a restored Grade ‘A’ Listed building the last remaining tobacco merchants in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City.

By working in partnership with The Scottish Civic Trust you will be encouraging:-

• public concern for the urban and rural environment;

• high quality in the planning and construction of new buildings;

• conservation or adaptation for re-use of older buildings of distinction or historic interest;

• informed and effective input into planning matters;

• elimination of ugliness, resulting from social deprivation, bad design or neglect;

• education and development in conservation;

• active participation by individuals in their heritage;

• change in public attitude and perceptions towards the built environment;

• debate and input into Scottish affairs in preparation for the new Parliament

The Scottish Civic Trust relies on financial support from a diverse range of sources from Individuals, Companies and from Charitable Trusts and Foundations and ‘Friends’ - augmented by grants from Central and Local Government.

Our staff is over-stretched but given increased resources we could do far more. As a Charity with no Endowments, we need increased support.

If you care about Scotland’s environment and heritage, then there are three ways in which you may be able to help us.

    1. Become a Donor
    2. Become a Sponsor
    3. Become a Friend
    4. Remember us in your will
  1. As The Scottish Civic Trust is a Registered Charity these are the most tax-efficient ways of contributing:
  1. As a Sponsor you could be involved in helping produce our Newsletter, our Publications, our ongoing work with Buildings at Risk or even our new Conservation Centre.
  2. By becoming a friend you support the work of the Trust. Individuals can become friends for 20 annually and Companies for 250.


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