Rural Broadband Solutions

The availability of broadband services varies significantly across the UK. Many areas enjoy speeds of 50Mb/s or more while others in more rural locations often struggle to get any service at all.

For many years we have been supporting communities and individuals in finding cost-effective solutions to broadband non-availability problems.

We are currently involved in 3 main types of rural broadband project:

BET broadband

Broadband enabling technology (BET) is the product name for a new technology designed to address the problems of the non-availability or slow speed of broadband in rural areas.

The availability of ADSL broadband (conventional broadband delivered via a copper phone line) is ultimately restricted by the end users distance from their serving telephone exchange. Users whose line length exceeds approximately 5km may receive slow speed or no service.

In simple terms, BET technology amplifies the broadband signal as it travels along the user's phone line. By use of signal boosters located at the approximate mid-point of the phone line, the reach of standard ADSL broadband can be almost doubled.

Click here for more information about BET.

Exchange Activate

In 2005, 146 telephone exchanges were enabled with Exchange Activate broadband following a successful trial conducted with BT Openreach and Scotnet. This cut-down broadband solution is typically found in rural telephone exchange where 'full platform' ADSL broadband was not considered commercially viable. A 512kb/s service is available to residential and business users. For more information about Exchange Activate broadband, please click here.

Radio broadband

For areas where fixed line broadband services such as ADSL are not available, a radio based solution may a good alternative. Radio broadband uses a combination of a transmitter mast and end user dish or aerial to receive the broadband service. We've been providing broadband services over radio since 2005, including the UK's largest radio broadband network in the Western Isles.

If you are interested in investigating the possibly of a radio based broadband service in your area, please call us on 0845­ 270 0010 or e-mail

Broadband advice

Help on choosing a broadband solution

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