Point-Point Links

Scotnet point to point services allow clients to connect two offices together with a virtual Ethernet extension connection. This is a cost effective way of allowing a company to share applications and centralise resources. Sites must be within 25km of each other and speed options are 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s or 1Gb/s. In simple terms, this service is like running a network cable from one office to the other. No Internet access is possible, only connection to the second site.

The pricing of point-point services is calculated based on the distance between the two sites together with the speed option chosen. Pricing starts from as little as £300 per month for a 10Mb connection.

If you would like to discuss service options, please contact us on 0845­ 270 0010 or e-mail sales@scotnet.co.uk.

Broadband advice

Help on choosing a broadband solution

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