Fibre Broadband

Super-fast fibre optic broadband is now available across much of the UK. Often called Fibre To The Cabinet or simply FTTC, fibre broadband delivers super-fast broadband speeds of up to 80Mb/s - 4 times faster than conventional copper based alternatives.

Normal ADSL broadband services use a standard copper phone line all the way from the telephone exchange to your premises, whilst fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange to your local telephone junction cabinet - this reduces signal loss and allows much faster speeds to be achieved.

We offer 4 standard fibre broadband packages:

Service Name Fibre Ultra Fibre Ultra Plus Fibre Extreme Fibre Extreme Plus
Upstream Speed* 10Mb/s 10Mb/s 20Mb/s 20Mb/s
Downstream Speed* 40Mb/s 40Mb/s 80Mb/s 80Mb/s
Web space included 50Mb Commercial 100Mb Commercial 200Mb Commercial 200Mb Commercial
E-mail Included 10 Pop3 or SMTP 20 Pop 3 or SMTP 30 Pop3 or SMTP 30 Pop3 or SMTP
IP Addressing Static Static Static Static
Activation charge (£) 60 60 60 60
Basic Wifi Router (includes configuration) 59.99 59.99 59.99 59.99
Draytek 2860 Wifi Router (includes configuration) 224.99 224.99 224.99 224.99
Monthly Data Transfer Allowance** 50GB 100GB 50GB 100GB
Monthly Rental (£) 29.99 39.99 39.99 49.99

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* Speeds quoted are the maximum possible and will be dependant on line length and quality - visit Scotnet Broadband Availability Checker to check what speed you're likely to receive.

** Higher transfer allowance packages are available by request.

All prices exclude VAT.

All services are subject to Scotnet Terms & Conditions

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