Domain Name Management

We offer a comprehensive range of domain name services to cover all business types. This includes DNS management, e-mail, website hosting and redirection options to facilitate full management of your online identity.

Existing domain names can be transferred to us or we can register new domain names for you. Please contact us by telephone or email to enquire about availability. Please note terms and conditions may apply for new registrations or transfers. For the terms and conditions applicable to U.K. domains, please visit the Nominet registry.

Customer service agreement:

For any questions or to request a change to your domain please contact scotnet in the first instance via email to, we will respond to your email within 48 hours. You may also call to our support heldesk on 0333 3701111 option 2. Please note that the email address you give us during ordering will be our primary contact method with you and that you must advise us of any change to your primary contact email address. We will renew your domain automatically every 2 years. Scotnet will not charge for transfer of domain, i.e. retag or cancellation of the domain.

• Scotnet will charge your account to make the following changes: Change of registrant (owner transfer) of your domain to another individual or company £10+vat Re-establish identity £10+vat.

Extension Restrictions Minimum Term Price 2 years £30
.uk 2 years £30 (Conditions apply) 2 years £30 UK Limited Companies only 2 years £30 UK PLC's only 2 years £30 UK ISP's only 2 years £30 2 years £30 2 years £70
.com 2 years £35
.net 2 years £35
.org 2 years £35
.info 2 years £35
.biz 2 years £35
.name 2 years £35
.us US only 2 years £35
.tv 2 years £90
.cc 2 years £90
.it 2 years £90 2 years £90

Broadband advice

Help on choosing a broadband solution

If you are having difficulty choosing the most suitable broadband package, jargon confuses you or you would prefer to deal with a person, feel free to call us.

0333 370 1111