Bonded Broadband

Bonded broadband is the aggregation of two or more broadband channels to form a single session. This solution shouldn't be confused with load-balancing which simply uses a router to allocate traffic across 2 or more channels.

Bonded broadband is great option for clients with slower speed broadband services where services such as EFM or Fibre are not technically or commercially viable.

The process of bonding broadband (also known as Multi-link PPP) involves assembling and disassembling the data flow using a Cisco router at the client end and an aggregation point on Scotnet's network. The total throughput rate is simply the addition of each single channel's capacity - i.e. bonding 3 x 1Mb lines would provide a single channel with a downstream speed of 3Mb/s.

Pricing for bonded broadband falls into 2 simple categories - hardware and circuits:

All bonded broadband offerings include a managed Cisco router with 2, 3 or 4 channels. There are further options of standard routers or advanced models with VPN and additional security support. Prices range from £1000 for a 2 channel standard router to £2500 for a 4 channel advanced security model.

The circuits used for bonded broadband are simply priced as per our standard ADSL offerings; however note that the ADSL 2+ and Annex M packages are not suitable for bonding.

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